Who Came

Joseph Sweeney – Sergeant US Army – A little about myself: I am an infantry NCO in the US army. I have seen and experienced many things that convince me the army needs reform and that the institutional culture must change. I hope to bring some of my insights to the conference but mostly I want to learn. I am also interested in the global problems that this conference seeks to address.

Col Chet Richards (USAF rtd) – A friend and colleague of the late Col John Boyd and one of the best interpreters of his message and life

John Robb – Ex Special Ops, ex Social Software (Radio UserLand) one of the best thinkers today on the brittle natire of our current world and how a more resilient world has to appear

Philip Bury – Retired Canadian Military – Terra Nova solutions Ltd

Joe Gattuso (Commander UN rtd) is in the private defense world now. He was a naval aviator. He has a another life with his wife Lori in Maine

Matteo Yorke – Facilities Manager at Dalhousie University Halifax. Matteo is part of a project at Dal looking at how the physical and social structures influence the Student Experience. The principles of natural leadership and organization are being investigated and tested – in particular how “Magic Numbers” 8 – 35 – 150, embedded in most militaries, affect cohesion and natural good citizenship.

Vincent St Martin – Master of Arts Student of Political Science at Carleton University

Philip Girvan –  Project Officer, National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health

Charlie Edwards – Demos – A UK based think tank for the “Third Way” – Demos is the think tank for ‘everyday democracy’. Our aim is to put this idea into practice by working with organisations in ways that make them more effective and legitimate.

Craig Evans – late VP Marketing for Pizza Delight and now for Polycello – At PD Craig was one of the first executives to install a bottom up social intranet that gave the 200 plus franchisees a voice for the first time

John MacQuarrie – Deputy Minister for Energy, Environment and Forestry of PEI. John is leading the charge for energy independence on PEI. He has been DM for Agriculture before and spent 3 years in Ukraine, Romania and Poland after the fall of the Soviet Union and knows first hand what it is like to live in a collapsed system.

Carmel Davis – I am a political scientist focused on international security. Most of what I have done so far has had an Asian angle (China and the US current account deficit, nuclear strategy of small powers using DPRK as a case, AFRICOM and China). I am now working on the security implications of global warming.

Keith Erikson – Management Consultant

Dave Roberts – Vyatta – an Open Source Networking Company. I’m the Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Vyatta, and open
source networking company. Professionally, I’m responsible for leading
a venture-backed startup company into battle against Cisco Systems.
Given the relative sizes of the companies, I’m using some 4GW
techniques in order to create a “marketing insurgency.” Personally,
I’m interested in the intersection of marketing, politics, global
conflict, and religion. Surprisingly, these areas of human endeavor
are strikingly similar.

Cynthia Dunsford – MLA (Member of the legislative assembly of PEI) actress in her former life. Her main area of interest how to bring genuine community engagement to politics

Carlos Balarezo

Steve Coast – I’m a brit living in San Francisco. I started openstreetmap.org which is like wikipedia for maps
and co-founded a VC-funded firm on top of it –cloudmade.com. I’m very interested in peak oil, Boyd and if/how we’re going to overcome some of the major problems facing the planet.

Dan James – President silverorange – PEI’s leading software organization that has at its core – the “Natural” and Human Organization

Amy Shaw – VP KETC – the public TV station of St Louis – the most watched station in the system. KETC is a pioneer in community engagement

Roy McMullin – A leading thinker on the topic of energy independence. Has done breakthrough work on how the North east of Canada and the US might use wood as a sustainable alternative to oil for heating

Stuart Baker – A thinker and consultant who has found a powerful way of understanding culture and finding ways of enabling different cultures to connect

Rory Francis – Current ED of PEI’s innovative Science Cluster the PEI Bio Alliance – one of the most successful Chaordic organizations in existence. Stuart Baker has played a major role in this design. Rory was also DM for Health and has a string feel for the shift needed from alopathic to social drivers for better health. He was also DM for Agriculture and lead the work that John MacQuarrie and Rob Paterson did in eastern Europe back in the 1990’s. He is the current chair of the commission looking at the future of Ag on PEI

James Gimian – is a teacher of the principles of the Art of War – he is also the publisher of the Shambala Sun Magazine and the Co Director of the Denma Translation Group which produced a critically acclaimed translation of the Art of War

Barry Boyce – is a member of the Denma Group and teaches seminars on the Art of war. He is the senior editor and staff writer for the Shambala Sun and works freelance though his company Victory Communication

Rob Paterson finds it hard to describe himself. Many present are his friends and some his clients/partners. His hope is to be part of establishing a more human and interconnected world. He lives on PEI and has a very small consulting business called Renewal. He does his best to help his clients “see beneath the surface”


One Response to Who Came

  1. I have set aside a day of mourning because I couldn’t afford to travel to this conference…very hard and expensive to get to PEI. In my world Rob is a rock star. I believe this meeting will go in many unpredictable directions, and I can’t WAIT to see what will emerge.

    Hope there will be future opportunities to network with you Canadians (hey, I see that you’re in a constitutional crisis, eh?)–please turn your heads WEST next time ( I have started a complexity institute on San Juan Island in Puget Sound, WA).

    Good luck, have fun, listen to one another, change the world.


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