Boyd 2008 Conference Details

June 12, 2008

What – There is an opportunity to hold a short, intense seminar on the applicability of Boyd’s ideas, particularly operating inside the OODA loop and grand strategy (sustaining our own morale and attracting the uncommitted), on the weekend of December 6-7 at the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PEI. Canada!

Purpose – The theme would be applying these ideas to conflict in the post-Iraq era, and more specifically to the types of diffused, networked, “open source” armed conflicts that some have called “fifth generation warfare.”

We are also interested in exploring solutions, such as the role of “resilient communities” (RC), for countering them. As Oil and food prices have climbed and the mortgage crisis has grown, the need to think more about Resilient Communities has become more urgent. We may have to re-invent our world!

We envision this as a working seminar to help shape the policy agenda in the first year of the new administration.

So we’re looking for a couple dozen attendees, all of whom would either make short presentations on their areas of interest or participate in panel discussions and working groups.

We also hope that the participants will leave with their own agenda items — to improve resilience within their organizations or to prepare articles and opeds on these subjects in the months after the seminar.

Registration and Costs -$250 + 5% ($12.50) Tax Canadian (Converted by Pay Pal) to cover the direct costs of the conference itself  – Meeting Room, Food etc. Please email the form found on the “Registration” Box on the right of this page and please pay using the Pay Pal Button on the right just below Registration. (Lodging is for you to arrange)

Travel and LodgingHere is a link to more information on where we are and how to get there and where to stay. Rob Paterson (robert dot paterson at gmail dot com) can help there too as your travel guide